Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Travel Tips for 2010

Travel tips for 2010 can come at any time of year, but why not make them new year's resolutions? This annual project began in advance of 2002. Reader interest that year prompted more resolutions in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. In no particular order of importance, here are five more travel tip resolutions to shape your 2010 plans.

I will avoid high-priced shore excursions on cruises

Cruise lines offer shore excursions that you can charge to your running shipboard account. Although convenient, these day trips often prove to be overpriced. Consider whether the convenience really merits paying a huge premium each day of your cruise. Many times, it does not. Cruise lines will encourage you to book their shore excursions -- which are usually "selling out quickly" and will even say that should you arrive late from one of their trips, the ship will wait for you. Recognize these ploys for what they are -- scare tactics. Read more about how you can arrange your own shore excursions at great savings.

I will acquire travel accessories that help me avoid baggage fees
Travel accessories designed to lessen your baggage load are a natural outgrowth of what's happening in the airline industry. Baggage fees are trending ever upward, and there are more of them every month. Airlines have discovered a gold mine of revenue, and travelers often feel helpless as they try to avoid the charges. But one light bag on any trip should be every budget traveler's goal. To avoid fees for over sized or overweight baggage, consider putting some of these products to work with you.

I will buy discount theme park tickets before I leave home
Theme park vacations draw the contempt of many refined travelers, who point out that there are many better things to experience in this world than long lines, crowded rides and overpriced fast food. But the truth is that many of us find ourselves traveling to a theme park for various reasons. Those long lines for tickets can be avoided by checking online to see if the park offers discounts and printable tickets in advance. Six Flags, for example, offers discounted tickets for its theme parks that you print at home and bring to the location of your choosing.

I will consider using social media to save money on travel
A social media resource such as Facebook or Twitter might not mean much to you at first glance. But Twitter became widely popular in 2009: It's a platform on which people post 140-character observations about any subject you can imagine. Not interested? Consider that airlines are using Twitter to link to their best fare sales. Hotels and resorts are getting in on the act, too. Start your own social media account. Use Twitter to monitor writers and Web sites that specialize in budget travel. Follow companies that post their best deals and get a jump on those elusive low prices.

I will learn from airline bankruptcy cases
In these difficult economic times, many businesses are fighting to survive. This is abundantly evident in the airline industry. Budget carriers such as SkyEurope did not survive 2009. There were lessons to be learned in the aftermath of SkyEurope's demise, not only for the industry, but for the individual budget traveler. Take a look at five simple lessons you should learn that will help you avoid financial loss when an airline with which you've booked tickets suddenly goes out of business.

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