Monday, November 16, 2009

Is There Something You Can Do While Your Child Suffers?

If only moms could take the place of their children when they sure. Last year, when swine flu,er--H1N1, attacked millions of people the most worried group of people are the mothers. Why not! If only we could take those illnesses from our kids and suffer them instead of our precious ones. Sometimes we're left to ourselves saying, "If only I could replace him/her and suffer those illnesses myself". Or maybe there's a better way of dealing with such constant challenges that both us and our kids. Well the good thing is, there definitely is!

When my youngest daughter approached me one evening telling me that she's been experiencing panic anxiety, I automatically consulted our family physician and told her that our little girl needs some help. We then monitored her daily activities and how she's performing with them. Our physician advised us to record our observations of her so we could better assist her in coping up or controlling her panic attacks. We were also advised to conduct regular activities every weekend that would uplift her, get her involved and develop a sense of belongingness. Those were just some of the steps that we took in order to assist our child in recovering and controlling her panic anxiety.

Surely there's something we can do about merely saying, "I wish I could take such illness from my child". We can help lighten their burdens by consulting a doctor as to what proper steps to take.

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