Monday, November 23, 2009

Setting Up Wi-Fi on DSi

The Nintendo DSi is packed with new fun features; however it requires Wi-Fi to get the most out of it. When setting-up a Wi-Fi to your DSi, you will need the Nintendo DSi, an internet connection, such as broadband, cable, DSL or FIOS, a wireless router.
Below are helpful steps in setting up Wi-Fi to DSi
1. Switch on the Nintendo DSi.
2. On the Settings menu select “Internet” which exists on System Settings third page.
3. Choose the “None” bar found on the Connection setting.
4. An alternative of setting up will prompt whether it’s a connection manually or searching for accessible connections in the vicinity. Just tap on the Search for an Access Point then eventually a list of any wireless access spots available in range will be shown in the Nintendo DSi.
5. Nintendo's wireless connection will only support Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security. A WEP key should be entered upon accessing an encrypted or locked connection.
6. If the WEP key provided is correct, system will now be connected online. Once it’s already set up and online, the Wi-Fi light will twinkle and light-up.

Now you're ready and set on surfing the Internet, where you can visit the Nintendo DSi Shop, and primarily play games that permit wireless connection and competition.

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