Monday, January 11, 2010

Dealing With Panic Attacks - Information to Consider

The effects of panic attacks are quite different for everyone. Some find that their attacks commence with the speeding up of their heartbeat then is swiftly followed by feelings of tingling throughout their body, others have attacks that appear with a feeling of great heat within their body and then great uncontrollable feelings of anxiousness.

There are people that experience panic attacks that are so bad that they end up in hospital, really convinced that it is a heart attack For many of these the pain is so severe that they are amazed to discover that it is 'only' a panic attack.

Naturally, for any person who has ever experienced it, they know that there it is not 'merely' a panic attack. It doesn't matter how the symptoms show themselves, any panic or anxiety attacks are incapacitating and can influence every part of your lifestyle

If you are a sufferer, you will often try to avoid situations that though quite 'normal' for others, will cause you to become anxious and therefore will trigger an episode. This can consist of fairly straightforward situations such as avoiding busy traffic, taking a bus or train, or even going in lifts. Research has found that being in small spaces is something that can engender the feeling of being trapped, and is a widespread trigger for panic attacks

What can you do to change it?

Are there treatments that you can try?

You need to come to realize that any avoidance is not helpful. The anxiety and worry of anticipating the next attack will still be there even if you avoid the types of situations that normally trigger an attack By limiting your activities, what does that do to your quality of life? What important events have you missed out on due to your anxiety and worry?

You really need to start to deal with the attacks, and stop avoiding setting one off, start to overcome the worry of having more. You should put a stop to the whole vicious cycle of anxiety and worry that often triggers the panic. When you cease to feel fear about your panic episodes, you can eliminate them totally

So what can you do to stop this fear?

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