Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Control Panic Attacks - Don't Let Panic Attacks Take Over Your Life - Be in Control

When you always tend to be pessimistic about things, you tend to be anxious, fearful and negative of the events surrounding your life. Therefore, you have to gather your courage in facing such negative disposition to eliminate the fear. You have to look for triggering factors or areas in your life such as when you are smoking or drinking in order for you to learn how to control panic attacks. Always remember that you will tend to have panic attacks when you ingest hot drinks. Smoking can also trigger panic attacks since it can interfere with the proper functioning of your circulatory system.

People who have experienced this condition once never want to repeat the experience again. But, for those who have suffered this for half of their lives always want to control so that they can live a full and productive life. The symptoms of panic attacks are utterly scary therefore it is safe to deduce that you never want to go through it again. The fear of having another attack is a real fear and that is natural. However, some people fear something that does not exists. This fear added with the fear of another attack takes the overall situation into higher heights. The vital component of a panic attack is fear whether it is real or unknown. Now, you may want to deal with the fear component before you can deal with the anxiety component.

You have to remember to be completely true to yourself. You also have to admit that your fear is not substantial. This means there are no bases of your fears and you are the only one who can face it. Medical professionals and counseling staff cannot do that for you. What they can do is to guide you into the right track but taking the steps further is your decision and your call. Therefore, you have to make a complete list of what you feel during an attack. Do not be afraid to lay it all down. If you have someone you completely trust without the fear of being laughed at then by all means go through all the items on the list with him or her. This is the best method of assessing how far deep you have gone in letting panic attacks control your life.

Trust me when I say that things can be easier when you find out to yourself the implications of the situation into your life. And you can only attain this with the help of someone whether that "someone" is your husband, best friend or doctor. With him, you will be able to identify exactly what went wrong. The problem may lie in the psychological aspect or the physical aspect in your life or it can be that it is the combination of both. You can look for triggers such as expecting a new baby, moving to a new place, getting promoted or just going to the marketplace. Make a list of what triggers you so that you will know how to control panic attacks when you are in that situation.

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